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DuelFire Magazine Delivery System (MDS)

 DuelFire in Action 
This 3-minute video demonstrates the benefits DuelFire has over conventional magazine holders.
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DuelFire Magazine Delivery System was developed by cops for cops. Our goal was to increase the efficiency with which extra magazines are drawn. With efficiency come confidence, speed and reliability—features essential in a high-stress situation. DuelFire orients your spare magazines in a position that allows you to palm and index them even before drawing them—no need to turn the magazine in your hand, adjust your grip, or change your motion before inserting it into your handgun. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. And the conservation of motion is why DuelFire outperforms everything else on the market. Our revolutionary design is so unique, it has been awarded its own Patent No. 7,614,534 B2.

One continuous and fluid motion from DuelFire to your handgun is all you need to get back into the fight!

Security & Accessibility
Conventional magazine holders usually lack at least one of two characteristics essential to officer safety: security & accessibility. Open-tops can be quick and accessible, but are vulnerable to accidental loss. Closed-tops are typically secure, but add an extra step to drawing your magazine. Since your initial grip on your magazine with most conventional holders is only at the floor-plate end, there's more chance for a fumble, especially when finger dexterity is reduced in a high-stress situation.

DuelFire provides both security and accessibility by holding your spare magazines securely on your belt in a position for indexed extraction. By allowing you to immediately palm and index your mag, DuelFire gives you a natural, secure, and confident grip when you need it most—even before you get it off your belt!

"The Shooting Platform"
Watch any sport shooter. Listen to any firearms instructor. Ask any cop.

The key to accurate shooting is a stable base. Be it a handgun, a rifle, or a bazooka, your grip is just the first part of that stable base. Behind a firm grip on your firearm, you need steady support with your arms, shoulders, and upper body. This is the "shooting platform" necessary to put accurate shots on target. Under testing, shooters using conventional magazine holders tend to straighten their upper body to get easier access to their spare magazines, breaking the shooting platform. Obviously, the shooter then needs to reform that shooting platform to get off an accurate shot.

DuelFire helps you maintain the shooting platform during reload. With a natural, continuous and fluid motion, you can retrieve your spare magazines without moving your upper body. And because all the movement of DuelFire's spring-loaded walls is toward the inside of the unit, you can draw your magazines in nearly any position without compromising your shooting platform.

Center Mass
When retrieving a spare magazine from a conventional holder, shooters tend to increase their own target area by straightening their upper body to reach for their mags (especially when crouched behind cover). In addition, because of the wasted motion in conventional holders, the shooter's arm typically extends beyond their normal center mass. Increasing your target area makes you more vulnerable to return fire.

DuelFire's naturally compact movement helps you maintain a smaller target area.

Smaller target = harder to hit. And that's a good thing.

Ask, and most cops will tell you wearing a full-rig duty belt for 8 or 10 hours a day isn't the most comfortable thing they do. With all their equipment, most police officers carry between 15-20 extra pounds everyday. DuelFire is designed with that in mind. Empty, DuelFire barely weighs more than an empty magazine. In addition, DuelFire is only about a 1/2" wider (1/4" above and below) than a standard 2.25" duty belt. With magazines, conventional holders can be between 1-4 inches wider than your belt. Bend over to pick up your keys with one of those, and you feel it in your gut. Bend over with DuelFire?

You barely know it's there.

Conventional magazine holders are typically made out of leather (real or immitation), or some type of synthetic woven fiber. After time and use, they begin to lose their shape. Many open-tops have a tension screw to help compensate for the material wearing out, but eventually it becomes ineffective, or you have to tighten it so much your mags drag when you try to get them out. On closed-tops, the snaps eventually loosen, or the velcro frays. Either way, the security closed-tops initially give begins to wear down.

DuelFire is made of durable injection-molded plastic that retains its shape over time and repeated use. No need to make tension adjustments, no need to toss it 'cause a snap wears out.

Contact Info
DuelFire DF-GL1
Patent No. 7,614,534 B2
For GLOCK Standard and "C" Models: 17, 22, 31, 34, 35, & 37
(the 9mm, .40, .357SIG, and .45GAP)

Kit Contains:
1 DuelFire Unit
3 Extended Floor Plates
1 Hex Key

Fits 2.25" Duty Belt.
DuelFire Floor Plates
The recommended custom, extended magazine floor plates are also available separately.

These custom floor plates give you a better grip on your magazine, especially should you need to strip it from your handgun or during one-hand manipulation in the event of injury.

Three custom extended floor plates are included with purchase of each DuelFire MDS.